Creating Mood with Hues: The Best Interior Paint Colours

If you’ve recently been looking to update the walls of your home with new colour, you’ll know exactly how daunting this selection can be. Which colour will be best for your space, and which subtle shade within that hue? To make things a little clearer, we take a look at the colour psychology of interior design as well as choices for the best interior paint colours of 2017.


The colour psychology of interior design

You’ve probably heard that different colours can affect our perceptions, emotions and even our behaviour. Wearing red uniforms have been found to improve athletes’ performance, for example, and there is even a specific tone of pink used on prison walls to keep inmates peaceful! Blue is generally cool and calming, orange brings out feelings of optimism and abundance, and purple evokes power, mystery and creativity.


When your interior stylist selects a hue for the wall, they have no doubt invested a lot of consideration into how that colour will look and feel within that space. Deeper colours provide a cosier feeling that’s ideal for comfortable living rooms and bedrooms, while brighter and lighter tones keep bathrooms and kitchens feeling clean and fresh. Even a few subtle shades of difference within the same colour can make the difference between a wall colour feeling suppressive or uplifting.


The best interior paint colours for 2017

If you’re looking for interior paint colours there are plenty of fresh colour ideas for bedroom, kitchens, living areas and bathrooms this year. The Pantone colour for 2017 is a revitalising tone called Greenery, which reflects the new widespread acceptance of green as a neutral styling colour. Indeed, this specific tone fits into so many colour schemes beautifully and can provide the perfect backdrop to a sophisticated living space. There’s also been a leaning towards jewel tones recently, and this is echoed by the rich colours like garnet, deep blues and lush greens starting to adorn home theatre rooms, bedrooms and reading nooks.

Many of our recent styling projects have incorporated elegant interior paint colours, including duck egg blue and calming browns in tan and dove tail. We also love soft and inviting greys, creams and alabasters for a modern yet welcoming aesthetic that styles perfectly with any furniture.
For interior paint ideas for your home, read about how our interior decoration process works and get in touch with our stylist team today.

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