Creating different looks for display home styling

You’ve added the finishing touches to your brand-new display homes and are now ready to show them off to the world, but how do you maximise the property presentation of your beautiful designs? Complement them with tailored display house staging by our Sydney or Queensland specialists, of course. Let’s take a look at the different styles available for maximising sales.


Interior styles available for display home staging

If your display homes or apartments are sleek and modern they will suit almost any interior style. The key is to find a neutral and harmonious look that builds a sense of lifestyle without drawing attention from the home’s layout and architecture. There are several style options that we find very effective for Australian display homes, both in photographs and to visitors:

  • In Hamptons style, luxury meets the seaside which is ideal for new homes in coastal areas.
  • Scandinavian style brings in pale timbers and clean lines for a relaxed, yet sophisticated vibe.
  • Modern French style mixes contemporary aesthetics with well-worn antiques, which suits many European home designs.
  • Tropical styling brings out the best in many Queensland homes, with natural textures and touches of fresh green.


Mix it up for max appeal

If you have several display homes within the same display village or area, it can pay to adjust the styling between each home to appeal to more potential buyers. Visitors will tend towards neutrals or bright bursts of colour depending on their personal taste, so having different options available will help them to envisage their own lifestyle in that home. This can also reduce the occurrence of analysis paralysis that can often occur when homebuyers are comparing home layouts!


Turnkey staging for display homes

Just as you want to make life as easy as possible for your home-buying clients, we want to make things as easy as possible for you. We focus on a simple home staging process: beginning with an initial consultation of the display homes or floorplans and tailored design concepts. Our team sets up, styles, then packs up at the end of your preferred 6, 12 or 18-month furniture hire period. We also revisit your display homes periodically to ensure everything looks fresh and appropriate for the season.


The right style will have your properties looking polished and cohesive, feeling more like welcoming homes than beautiful but empty shells. For professional property styling in Sydney or Queensland, contact the Furnish & Finish team and arrange a consultation.

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