Could Partial Home Staging Help Sell Your Home?

You may have heard of home staging and thought it may be useful in enhancing the appeal of your property, but been put off by the sheer scale of the project. You may know that your furniture is already perfectly suited for your home, or feel that you simply don’t want to live with different furniture while your property is on the market. The good news is that partial property staging can provide the perfect balance for all of these situations.


What does partial staging involve?

This depends completely on your property and existing interior styling and furnishings. A typical partial home staging project can include rearranging your existing furniture and accessories to maximise their impact and the flow of interior spaces. Although this may sound simple, it can take the practised eye of an interior stylist to plan the best spacing and styling to welcome a visitor in and to showcase the features of a property.


We can also use our vast range of accessories to visually connect a room or multiple areas, by adding or swapping out options. Our stylists may bring in mirrors to visually expand spaces, lamps to add warmth and light to darker spaces, and artwork or rugs to tie existing colour schemes together. For some rooms, there may be little more required than a soft throw in a complementary colour and a casual vignette on a coffee table to create the sense of ‘coming home’ for potential buyers.


Functionality of your spaces is also taken into consideration. If one of your rooms currently lies somewhere in between a study and a spare bedroom, our stylists can refocus the function of that room for an optimal impression. Decluttering is one more simple stage that can have a marked improvement on the perception and the sale price of your home. Essentially, we apply the same care and consideration that we do to a full home staging, but only as you require.


Is partial staging suitable for my needs?

If your home has been previously styled, already features beautiful furnishings or just needs that extra 1% of care and attention from a fresh perspective, partial staging could be ideal for you. Once one of our experienced stylists visit your property and consult with you, we will be able to tell you what we are able to achieve and provide a tailored design plan. Read more about the steps of professional home staging, and contact the Furnish & Finish team today to get started.

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