Best Way to Sell Property in Sydney? Invite & Inspire – How Property Styling Helps You Sell More

As Furnish & Finish’s general manager David McLean told earlier this year, the number of home sellers using property styling in Sydney and Brisbane is on the rise. And there’s little wonder for this increase. In Sydney, the market has been at a long-time low for some time now, but auction attendance and clearances look to be picking up in some areas as buyers are on the hunt for property once more. Meanwhile in Brisbane, the average selling time of a home is currently 68 days compared to 38 days this time last year – however, the city is seeing strong demand from interstate buyers. Although the two markets are at very different stages, property styling can be beneficial in both locations. Here’s why.

Home styling helps to optimise your advertising

One of the most important aspects of getting a good sales price is to get feet in the door in the first place. It certainly pays to have something to set your listings apart on real estate websites. Presenting a beautiful home with modern, cohesive styling will help to ensure that people turn up to your auction ready to buy, or alternatively make their offer at the right price.

Property styling is invaluable in a seller’s or buyer’s market

There’s value to be found in property styling at almost every stage of the property market cycle. Whether you’re fighting for buyers or fighting them off, you’ll want to present your property in its best possible light. Home styling in Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia can help you to either stand out in a crowd, or fetch a higher asking price when fewer buyers are biting.

Buying a house involves aspirational desires

Professional property styling services in Sydney can help to declutter, depersonalise and modernise your property with neutral styling so potential buyers instantly feel at home. Get it right, and everyone who walks in the door will be mentally planning their first get-together in the home and visualising how their favourite armchair will fit in the space. That emotional connection is exactly what you want as a home seller.

Potential increases in sales prices make property styling worthwhile

House styling in Sydney and Brisbane is like any professional service – you are paying for experience and expertise – and the resulting sales prices can make this investment truly worthwhile. We’ve seen significant increases in clients’ successful asking prices, with some properties selling in just a week. Plus, you can choose from partial styling and full styling to meet your budget. When you consider the added value and demand that property styling can bring, you’ll see that it’s a smart move.

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