Autumn Updates for Your Home Styling

As autumn brings in the cooler weather and gorgeous temperate days, it’s time for a style refresh in your home to keep it sophisticated and comfortable. Our stylists love creating seasonal looks for interior styling and house staging in Sydney and Brisbane. Here are our autumn updates for flawless autumn property presentation.


Update your colours

One of the fastest and easiest ways to update your home styling is to change up the tones of your room highlights. While cool pastel colours have been on trend for some time, there’s a swing towards deep indulgent jewel tones in 2017 which is perfect as the weather cools on its way into winter. Think rich garnets, amethyst, ruby and emerald tones to inject instant warmth and vitality into your spaces.


Find some time to tidy up

Although spring is the usual time for cleaning out clutter and refreshing your home, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an “autumn clean” after the languid summer holidays and the hectic rush back to work and school. Bring in some stylish wicker baskets to eliminate messy piles, change out your light summer throws and accessories, and sort through wardrobes to keep your bedrooms functional and spacious.


Consider a lick of paint

If you’ve been planning to give your walls a makeover, autumn is generally your last chance for effective drying weather before the wintery season sets in. Don’t forget to put the effort into your wall prep for a picture-perfect finish, and think about cool greys or a warm cream tone for a sophisticated and flexible backdrop for your changing seasonal style.


Cosy up

With autumn comes cooler days and longer nights, so it’s the perfect time to bring in some scented candles, bring out the warm glow of floor or table lamps and add some luxurious throws to your sofa setting. Consider stocking up on some beautiful new coffee table books to refresh your browsing selection: perhaps some gorgeous travel books to inspire your winter getaway…


Find inspiration in nature

This month we find ourselves exiting the air conditioning and enjoying more walks and activities outside. This is a perfect opportunity to keep an eye out for interesting objects to change up your interior vignettes. Pine cones, interesting shells and driftwood are all personal (and free) ways to add interest to your living spaces under glass domes or in feature bowls or trays.


We’d love to give you a helping hand with your seasonal update with professional property styling in Sydney and Brisbane. Read more about our interior styling process and contact the team today for your initial consultation.


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