Appealing to Target Buyers with Display Home Styling

It makes sense to style your home to appeal to a wide range of buyers, however in some cases a catch-all approach won’t deliver maximum results. Whatever the style of home or location, it is important to consider the lifestyle, aspirations and must-have features of your target buyer and style the property to suit. Here are some of those key buyer groups.


Families with younger children

If your property is close to reputable primary schools and of a good size then it’s likely that younger families could be within your target buyers as well as property investors. What do younger families look for? Think about creating multi-use spaces such as playrooms with homework nooks and styling as many rooms as possible as bedrooms. This may involve restyling a study or library to change its purpose.


Families with adult children

Millennials are taking longer than ever to leave home and they often live with their families well into their twenties. Larger properties close to universities could be styled to offer separate living spaces at either end of the home, appealing to parents who are looking for space and seclusion from the social lives of their adult children. Consider furniture hire that is modern but also comfortable, so it appeals to both demographics.


Young professionals

If you are marketing a central apartment or townhouse, you may well have young professionals within your target buyer market. Young singles and couples will generally be looking for an abode that they can proudly show off to friends, so staging furniture should be sophisticated, clean and complemented by distinctive artworks and accessories. Bland is the opposite of what this target group is searching for. In addition, focus on creating and enhancing entertainment spaces.


Remote and foreign investors

If your property is in inner-city Sydney or Brisbane there’s a good chance there could be foreign or remote investors looking at your listings. For these buyers your property photographs are going to be key, so consider property staging early on in the process. Property investors may decide to market the home to any number of potential tenants, so neutral tones and a fresh coat of paint will help them to envision the potential of the property.


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