Adding a Touch of Warmth to Minimalist Styling

One of the key principles of styling a home or display home for sale is to widen the market audience as much as possible. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to leave with a negative view on the property because they didn’t like the shade of blue of the sofa in the living room! Because of this we tend to steer towards minimal aesthetics in neutral tones when home styling for sale. The thing is, the home still needs to feel warm and welcoming so visitors can imagine coming home to the space after a long day. Here’s how we add touches of warmth in our interior decoration in Sydney and beyond.


Introduce pops of colour

Nothing brings muted tones to life like a burst of fresh green or a warm red across vases, cushions, pots, wall art and other accessories. These don’t need to be lurid or excessive, and even a subtle deep blue or ochre theme carrying through different spaces can create a sense of unity and relaxation.


Think about soft furnishings

Whether you’re using furniture hire in Sydney or freshening up your existing furniture, soft furnishings add an instantly welcoming vibe. Choose a luxurious throw and lush pillows for the end of the bed, and arrange a cosy blanket and cushions on couches and outside sofas to invite passers-by to sit and relax.


Add life with plants

One of the fastest and simplest ways to add life to any of your rooms is to add plants. This connects the interior spaces with the outside view and it also freshens up the ambience. You might choose fresh bunches of flowers, potted palms or gorgeous native blooms to reflect the styling and location of the home.


Add artwork that ties the space together

Artwork plays an important role within interior styling to bring elements together in a room. This might be as simple as a sculptural element on a side table or a unifying abstract piece on the wall. By choosing a piece that unites the colours and textures of the space, you can design a room that is appealing to many – and boring to none!


Are you looking for professional home styling for your property or display homes? Furnish and Finish can help you to bring that open, warm style in your space with interior decoration in Sydney and Brisbane. Contact our team today on 1300 387 647 to begin.



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