A Guide to Choosing Artwork for Your Home

Artwork can make or break an interior space, adding a pop of colour or inspiring the room’s colour scheme. These are some of our property styling tips for choosing the perfect art for your home.


Find out where to start

Online is a great place to begin finding artwork. You might start a Pinterest board or Instagram account then start searching and tagging images you love. Pay attention to the descriptions and artists and you’ll start to get an idea of the colours, tones, materials and subject matter that appeal to you. Alternatively, you could visit some local galleries and take notice of what draws your eye.


Study sizing

It’s absolutely worth considering how size will play a factor in the artwork you choose and where you place it. Small artwork will be dwarfed on a large wall unless it’s accompanied by others, for example, while an oversized artwork may be difficult to place in an older home with no open space areas. Search appropriately with sizes in mind, and you can eliminate these issues.


Accept all mediums
You don’t just need to stick to oil paintings. Artwork can consist of anything from simple gestural sketches to elaborate watercolours, all the way through to vintage graphic design, photographs and ancient world maps. We also love natural sketches of flora and fauna in simple frames.


Consider all price points

Our property stylists will be the first to tell you that great artwork can be found at any price point. You might support a local artist by purchasing an original piece of theirs, then mix this up with an op shop vintage find next to a framed print from IKEA, Temple & Webster or Freedom. It’s all about finding a common theme or feeling.


Stay open to abstracts

If you aren’t one for particular subject matter like landscapes or animals, then abstracts can make an excellent choice. Abstract paintings are not just for hotel rooms and hospitals – they can be dark and moody, bold and bright or gentle and warm to suit your space.


Make a mental note of room placement

Whether you have found a piece you like or are not sure where to start, think about what will work best in each room of your home. Kitchens and dining spaces are ideal for bright and happy pieces, while living spaces and hallways can host anything from peaceful landscapes to bold statement works.


Consider colours
You might adore that dramatic red and black surreal painting, but it may not go too well with the cool, neutral colour scheme of your living room. The right piece can inspire all of the colours within an interior decorating scheme, so look for colours that you will love to live with.
Trust your feelings

Above all, our biggest tip is that you need to love the artwork. If you’ve fallen head over heels with a piece, it can be easy to repaint a wall or light a section of wall to make it a feature within your home. Look for art that makes you feel, reflect or remember a favourite memory, and you’ll find something that you can enjoy for years.


To discover how artwork can tie an interior space together, browse through our recent projects page and contact our team for interior decoration services in Sydney and Brisbane.

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