A few styling tips to warm up your home this winter

Where did the first half of the year go! With winter here again, what better excuse to make a few minor changes to your lounge room, to create a cosy space for relaxing during the colder months.

A simple and fast change to the colour and feel of your lounge can begin by grabbing a throw from the closest homewares store, and remember, don’t underestimate freedom! On a recent trip I was able to grab a hold of the ‘Quincy Throw’ on sale for under $100, which instantly creates a warmth to any space.

If you’re up to it, a new rug can also be well worth your investment. Again, a lot of the major homewares stores can give you a lot of bang for your buck! Trying to time your purchasing around the sales can be very beneficial and with a bit of research you can plan your purchases to be sure you catch a sale. A few of our favourite rugs include the ‘Stafford Floor Rug’ ($169), the ‘Nova Rug’ ($411) and the ‘Skylar Rug’ ($149) from Freedom. All of which consist of neutral tones that allow colour to be incorporated through cushions and accessories in the rest of the room.

Speaking of cushions and accessories, you can also switch these up to transform your house with the changing seasons. Cushions with a warm tone and woolly texture will help to create an inviting vibe during the cooler months. Orange is my personal favourite!

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