5 Style Notes to Take from the French

Is there anyone quite as stylish as the French? Here at Furnish and Finish we take a lot of inspiration from the timeless and chic look of French interior styling. Here are our top five tips for property styling in Sydney inspired by the ever-elegant French aesthetic.


Tip #1: Keep it light and bright

Light is your friend in French style, so throw open the curtains and freshen up the walls in crisp white tones for instant chic. Window coverings, carpet and floor rugs tend to be kept light in colour too, letting the natural light travel throughout the space and allowing the carefully chosen furniture and accessories to speak for themselves. The result is a well balanced and elegant effect.


Tip #2: Add authenticity with antique-style furniture and accessories

French interior styling embraces the stories and artefacts of yesteryear along with the modern, and this can be reflected through chairs of well-worn leather, subtle baroque details and lightly tarnished candlesticks and chandeliers. This can be as subtle as adding a vintage occasional chair or a feminine sculpture, or as apparent as creating a spirits bar out of an 18th Century inspired sideboard!


Tip #3: Imperfection is welcome

Part of the charm of the French style is that not everything has to be perfect. Beauty can be found in a provincial French kitchen with ancient uneven floorboards, as there is in a Parisian apartment with modern industrial elements. Aged wood and fabrics are welcome in French home styling, as are objects and items with evidence of wear and tear.


Tip #4: Introduce a sense of opulence

Nothing says French style quite like roof-to-floor curtains in a silk-like fabric, or a touch of velvet on cushions. Find extra indulgence in tall white candles, sumptuous throws on sofas or a four poster bed in the master bedroom for instant old-world glamour that even Marie Antoinette would feel at home in.


Tip #5: Bring in some quirky touches

Sometimes, an unusual framed sketch or a large vintage French poster is all it takes to take home styling

from appealing to “Wow!” Don’t be afraid to be daring with your choice of funky design print or an eye-catching Corbusier-style chaise lounge as a centrepiece of a living room.


We’d love to help bring some of the exquisite French charm to your home through professional interior decoration. Contact our team for property styling in south Sydney, the inner west and eastern suburbs today.

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