Lighting has the power to alter the look and feel of a space. Good lighting for example can create a positive feeling in the space enhancing its mood and increasing its desirability. So if you used to place lighting at the bottom or completely omitted it from your list of property styling to do’s, it time to change this. Never forget lighting in styling your property for sale.
Follow these five steps to get a perfectly lighted home and achieve a successfully staged home:

1. Evaluate the natural light in the house.
Check the entire house of its current lighting situation. If your house a generous supply of natural light be sure to take advantage of this. Pull shades up, tie your curtains to the side or totally remove draperies to allow natural light to illuminate the rooms. Make sure to clean your windows as these will now clearly be visible without the curtains. The most important thing is to make sure you add sufficient artificial lighting for rooms that don’t have enough natural light. This will still give you a well-lighted property.
2. Ensure that the most essential parts of the house are well lighted.
There are key areas in the house that need an adequate supply of lighting. Make sure these areas are well-lighted. These are the areas you need to consider: entryway, kitchen and high-ceiling rooms. As the entryway is the first part of the house the buyer notices, it is essential to keep it well-lighted to provide a positive atmosphere at the start of the house tour. The kitchen also needs direct lighting at key areas. A kitchen is one of the major selling points of a house so never forget to beautifully illuminate it.

3. Clean light fixtures and replace old ones.

Check your light fixtures if they need a good cleaning. If what you have in your home are old ones, consider updating and replacing them. Lamp shades for example need to be cleaned and if already faded not to be replaced.

4. Highlight special features of the house.

Determine what the special features of your house are. Do you have a beautiful fireplace, a cool mini-theatre, a bar or a brick oven? Highlight these with stunning lighting. Even exceptional architecture can become a good feature of your house so also make sure these are illuminated appropriately. You can use recessed lighting or track lighting to accentuate these areas or features of your house.

5. Don’t forget the outdoor lighting.

Aside from providing beautiful lighting indoors, remember to also provide outdoor lighting in the property. First, make sure you install security lights. During the day when most of the showing takes place these may not be turned on, but buyers will still notice these and can become a great feature of your property. Also add decorative lighting to have a great presentation outside of your property. Among the many outdoor lighting you can install are path lights to brighten your walkway, spotlights to illuminate a beautiful tree or garden on your front yard, and flood lights to enhance your home’s outdoor beauty.
Having a perfectly lighted property can invite buyers into your home, while an inadequately lit space can drive away potential clients. Make sure you don’t experience the latter. These five steps will give you a beautifully illuminated property for a successful home staging and presentation. For more home staging and interior styling tips, contact us at Furnish and Finish. We’ll be happy to provide a consultation to help you beautifully style your home for sale.

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