5 Quick and Affordable Property Staging Tips

While professional property staging in Sydney and Brisbane can have a profound impact on the final sales price of a property, there are a handful of easy tips that will instantly add to the appeal of any home. These are five of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up your property for presentation.


  1. Declutter your living spaces
    Here’s where it may help to have storage, or a good friend with an unused room. Aim to cut down your home’s contents by about a third to open up the flow of the interiors, and free up half of any storage cupboards and areas so they appear more spacious to any potential buyers. You might also consider rental furniture for home staging early on in this process to bring in neutral designer homewares that shows off the space effectively.
  2. Depersonalise the property
    While your family photographs are beautiful mementos of a life well lived, they may not help prospective buyers to imagine their own family in the same space. Pack away fridge magnets, toys, personal letters and family photos until after the home staging process is over. You might also begin to repurpose any sewing or craft rooms, studies or other single-use rooms into extra guest bedrooms.
  3. A good deep clean
    When you walk into a home for sale you will want it to feel fresh, bright and clean. Now is the time to scrub the kitchen range hood, remove any scuffs from the walls and put some elbow grease into the bathroom grout. You might stick to gentle lemon, lavender and citrus scents for cleaning products so visitors aren’t blown away by strong bleach odours. Make sure windows and mirrors are spotless, and give the light fittings a polish to make sure your home is as well-lit as possible as visitors are walking through.
  4. Tidy up the garden
    Even a few hours in your garden can make a world of difference to their appearance. Bring the mower out a few days before a home open, tidy the lawn edges and sweep any fresh clippings away so it looks perfect on the day. Consider giving any tired looking concrete or brickwork a pressure clean, and hose down any outdoor furniture. Adding mulch to garden beds is a favourite tip, as it can instantly tidy up the appearance of a front garden.
  5. Pay attention to maintenance issues
    Small maintenance issues may not be highly noticeable to potential buyers but they do contribute to the overall feeling of a home, so it’s worth paying attention to the details. Gather your toolkit and take a tour of your property attending to any wobbly handles, jarring doors or loose skirting boards. If floorboards are creaking, a dusting of baby powder along the gaps can quieten them. Completing just a few odd jobs can improve the perception of your property and open up new sales.


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