2019 Trends for Home Staging to Beat the Brisbane Property Market

Brisbane’s property market has been seeing some interesting developments in 2019. The city is showing the strongest sales across Australia for luxury homes, according to the latest Knight Frank study. Meanwhile, there seems to be a continued interstate migration of Sydneysiders and Melburnians discovering the laid-back charm and glorious weather of Queensland’s capital. With a recent interest rate cut, a relatively low median house price and confidence set to grow, how can you capitalise on Brisbane’s housing market and get the best price when selling your home? We explore the biggest trends this year for home staging in Brisbane.

Natural and sustainable materials

In 2019 we seem to be craving authenticity, nostalgia and emotional comfort in a world where these things can sometimes be in scant supply. For that reason, natural and eco-friendly materials are in strong demand. Rattan chairs and tables are in, as are terracotta tones. Greenery is also important in home staging and styling in Brisbane, with lush foliage featuring everywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen to reflect the environment outdoors.

Subtly retro vibes

We’re seeing plenty of nostalgia for simpler times reflected in seventies-inspired interior styling at the moment, from those rattan chairs and side tables through to vintage bar carts popping up everywhere. Even elaborate brickwork is seeing a comeback on balconies and exteriors. It’s smart to look for subtle ways to introduce this into your property staging in Brisbane, whether that is through earthy colours, natural textures or a sleek golden bar cart to set off your entertaining space.

Statement artworks

In 2019 interior style is seeing a minimalist approach, to both wall colours and in furniture style and placement. In a post-Kondo world, home buyers want a clutter-free, fuss-free existence. Perhaps that’s why larger statement artworks are seeing a rise in popularity; interior spaces can stay clear, crisp and streamlined, while the walls can display an exuberance of emotion and energy. Stylists will often pick a statement piece and use this as colour and texture inspiration for throws, cushions and other accessories.

A small touch of glamour

Comfort is also important in 2019, and we’re seeing indulgent touches throughout interior styling in Brisbane. This can take a myriad of forms, from Icelandic sheepskin draped across a bed, to a velvet statement Art Deco chair, to a touch of gold patina on a vase. Texture and richness is key, but as with most things it’s best applied in moderation. Remember: Brisbane interior style is ultimately carefree, simple and sophisticated.

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