11 Ways Interior Property Styling Can Increase Your Sell Price

First impressions are everything when potential buyers click on a property listing or walk into a home open, but what exactly should you be paying attention to when preparing your property for sale? We incorporate these 11 vital methods into our professional property styling in Sydney to maximise the final selling price for our clients.

  1. Decluttering
    Nobody wants to buy a home that’s filled with signs of someone else’s life, so be sure to tidy away keys, notepads, magnets from the fridge and everyday clutter. Having trouble finding space? Natural textured baskets and boxes provide beautiful storage options to help you easily hide things away.
  2. Updating walls with fresh paint
    Painting is one of the simplest ways to add value to your property’s sale price. A walk through the property can help to identify areas that can be freshened up with new coats of paint, and don’t forget to look up – crisp white ceilings can make rooms feel larger and more open.
  3. Adapting room purposes
    While it’s impossible to tap into the mind of every potential buyer, it pays to consider how your rooms can be used to their best advantage. While you might have an unused formal lounge area in a corner of your home, adapting this into a modern office space or extra bedroom could add appeal and value.
  4. Refreshing curtains or window coverings
    Modern window coverings are a world away from those of even a decade ago. If your property features curtains or out-dated vertical blinds, it can be worth investing in sheer blinds or sleek timber venetians to update your rooms and add a sense of privacy – particularly in front-facing rooms.
  5. Hanging artwork to suit the space
    While there’s no need to convert your property into a modern art gallery, packing away personal photos and replacing them with proportional, appealing artworks can add value. The size and location of artwork can either enhance or diminish a space, so if in doubt trust an experienced stylist.
  6. Choosing the right rugs
    Just as with artwork, a rug can ‘make or break’ a room. A rug that is the wrong shape or size for its space can actually create a sense that something isn’t quite right. When home staging in Sydney, our stylists carefully select rugs to define areas and add a sense of comfort to each space.
  7. Thinking light and bright
    Properties can be transformed by the right lighting. Our property stylists employ a number of techniques to make rooms feel larger, including the use of white or light paint, updating old-fashioned globes with modern LEDs or warm fluorescent options, and – most importantly – letting natural light flood in.
  8. Choosing natural textures and colours
    People feel connected and calm in nature, and you can create much the same feeling within a home. Introducing natural elements and materials such as cork, woven rattan, jute and timber adds a sense of warmth and relaxation for many potential buyers and helps to create an emotional bond.
  9. Introducing plant life
    Homes are for living in, so it makes sense to add organic elements to create a feeling of vitality. We will often introduce potted plants or flowers to kitchens, living areas and bathrooms. It’s also wise to update any plants in the garden that may not be looking their best with healthy looking vegetation.
  10. Dressing beds and sofas for comfort
    A couple of simple touches can make a bedroom or living area a place you’ll never want to leave –¬ therefore improving the desirability and final selling price of a property. Quite often, introducing comfort can be as simple as adding some cushions or a throw rug to soften the appearance of sofas and beds.
  11. Adding elements of daily life
    There’s nothing more unsettling than a perfectly empty home, so our stylists will often introduce small vignettes of daily life to help buyers relax; options such as some beautiful coffee table books, a cluster of candles or a tray holding cups and canisters next to the kitchen’s coffee machine. It’s amazing how these tiny touches can add to the first impression and perceived value of a home.

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