Our team

Suzanne StuartClient relationship Manager, Brisbane

Suzanne is qualified in architecture and design, she has a wealth of knowledge and loves to share this with her clients. Knowing the core principals of how to create beautiful spaces helps drive her ideas and concepts. She is passionate and excited about interiors and will always place a very high importance on her client’s needs, ensuring they are happy and at ease. Suzanne has a strong background in real estate, enabling her to understand the full process of a sale. With this comes the understanding of what buyers want and what helps to sell a property. She has an energy and eagerness to help her clients to ensure they achieve the best possible outcome.

Describe my dream home

My dream home would be a renovated Queenslander – I love the architecture of Queenslanders and the character they have. The high ceilings, the details, the VJ’s – just beautiful! I love a good renovation, so I would extend the home and ensure the home has all the features of modern living. A big, light-filled kitchen is a must!

No. 1 tip for making a house a home

I love greenery and beautiful patterns or textures. I think this really adds personality to your home. My biggest love though is Artwork! Coming from a family of artists, I have such an appreciation of how art can influence a home. I think large scale pieces makes the best impact. Little tip to keep continuity through your home – use the same frame design for each piece in your collection.

Path that led me to Furnish and Finish

I have always been surrounded by real estate & creative design, this is what lead me to complete my Bachelor or Architectural Design & study Interior Design. Having worked in real estate and residential home sales for the past decade, I love the fact I can interact with clients and share my excitement, fun approach & knowledge with the property world. Helping and making a difference in my client’s life is amazing!

Where do I find my inspiration

Everywhere – you can find beautiful design anywhere if you are looking. Designing my own properties and renovating my own home has been wonderful. The excitement and joy of being able to create new spaces and different looks will never tire for me. Seeing how you can transform a room with clever styling & interior design is addictive! Pinterest is huge on my radar, along with Instagram & design blogs.

Achieving outstanding results for our clients and agents for over 18 years.