Our team

Jess MenzeStylist, Brisbane

Describe your dream home

I would love to own a gorgeous inner-city cottage that still had a lot of its original character that I would then blend with a bit of a contemporary edge. I love seeing the amalgamation of old and new, and how the two can work so perfectly together!

What’s your #1 tip for making a house a home?

Fill it with pieces that share a story – something that you’ll be proud to come home to every day!

What path led you to Furnish and Finish?

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved seeing my creativity come to life through things like Leggo and drawing. After studying communications and media, I decided to follow my dreams and study Interior Design and Decoration whilst also working full-time within the furniture and design industry. I love seeing spaces come to life on a daily-basis and thrive off the energy that comes from this fast-paced industry – everything Furnish and Finish have to offer.

Where do you find inspiration?

After having lived overseas for most of my life, I naturally tend to find inspiration through travel. I love finding pieces to fill my home through my travels  – there’s nothing greater than having exotic, one-off pieces to showcase!


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