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Preparing your property for sale or even redecorating your home can be an incredibly stress inducing process when you undertake all the responsibilities yourself. So why not consider a professional interior designer or stylist to serve as the decorator for you?

Property owners right across the Sunshine Coast have been dazzled not only by the astounding transformations that occur within their homes, but by the substantial increase in value once professionally organised interior styling and staging occurs. With a comprehensive range of reliable furniture, there is nothing you cannot achieve when calling upon the services of Furnish and Finish.

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Home interior designers, stylists and decorators

Our team consists of highly trained designers, stylists, and decorators ingrained with an adaptable creative prowess that they will align with whatever desires you bring into the arrangement, tailoring the rest of the work done in your home interior to conform with any motif or theme agreed upon.

It isn’t always someone’s first thought when preparing to sell a home to include staging and styling of the property, but that only makes it so much more of a hidden gold mine. While other homes in your price bracket or area have simply put on offer what they have, you can serve to potential buyers a sumptuous spread of style and character, having them falling over each other to make you the offer, right after they fall in love with it themselves.

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Have a vision for your home, but don’t want to splash out on a complete overhaul of your existing furniture to match? Whether you’re staying put in your home or planning on relocating, wherever you are across the Sunshine Coast, our range of furniture can help bring that vision to life. You call upon the services of our talented home interior designers, stylists and decorators to plump up your space with eye-dazzling pieces to help the styling and staging of a property once you’ve already left the premises.

For more information on our property staging, styling or interior decorating services across the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast real estate markets, contact any of our interior decorators on 1300 387 647 today. Alternatively, fill out our simple enquiry form and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.

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