Do you dream of spacious interior styling as you cram another cupboard door shut? You’re not alone! More than 88% of Australian homes have at least one cluttered spare room in their home. If you’re ready to take control, read these tips on how to declutter your home and refresh its style.

1. Start with one room
It’s all too common to want to declutter your entire home in one day, but that’s a sure-fire way to get overwhelmed and give up before you get very far. It’s much more satisfying (and motivating) to start with one room or even one cupboard, and take the process one area at a time.

2. Space your decluttering out
If you have a large space or whole home filled with “stuff” and are wondering how to declutter your life without losing your sanity, set a timeline that spans over multiple weekends or weeks. This sets a reasonable time period for each space and will give you enough time to cover each area thoroughly.

3. Clear the space entirely
Remove everything from the area and as you go, separate items into piles for keeping, for selling or donation and for items that will need to be put back elsewhere in the house. If you’re the indecisive type, it’s completely fine to have a “later” pile so you don’t get stuck halfway through the process.

4. Donate unwanted items
One way to get rid of any wistful or sentimental feelings as you declutter is to put as many items aside to donate to op shops as possible. It’s much easier to switch off any sentimentality over last year’s unworn boots when you know that someone else will be able to wear them for the winter.

5. Spring clean the space
Once everything is out of the room, it’s time for a deep clean and perhaps a fresh coat of paint to start afresh. In 2017 we’re in love with soft greys, warm whites and deep jewel colours for cosy living rooms and bedrooms. Think about what will complement the furniture and items you’re planning to keep.

6. Think about storage
A large part of keeping a home decluttered lies in effective storage. With a little organisation, you’ll never think, “I have to declutter my house” again! Keep out-of-season items such as beach toys or ski gear stored away out of sight. Vacuum storage bags are your friend when it comes to packing up doonas, blankets and heavy jackets while the weather’s warm, and storage boxes and baskets are ideal for slipping under beds and keeping toys and shoes under control.

If you’re decluttering in preparation to restyle or to market your property, give the property stylists at Furnish & Finish a call on 1300 387 647 for a tailored design concept.