Hire Agreement



  • Initial term: As per quote

  • Per Week


    Please note that we cannot give specific times for installations or pick ups. This is due to unknown traffic conditions, time required for loading/unloading vehicles and unforseen delays. However, we can ring you on the day to give an approximate time if you request.

  • Real Estate Agent


    In accordance with the Conditions of Hire, we require payment for furniture and accessories hire to be received at our office four working days before the installation date. You may choose to pay your account by either of the following options.

  • To apply, you can either click on this link, or click on the ZIP Money link at the bottom of this page.
    Cheques are not accepted.

    SECURITY DEPOSIT (required for all Hire Agreements)

    In addition to the payment selected above, we require security against the unlikely event of damages or unpaid accounts. Therefore, we require credit card details for all rental agreements regardless of your selection above for the hire payment option. Please note:

    Credit cards will only be used to cover charges not paid in the manner ticked above as and when such payments fall due and when goods are kept beyond the original contract period (and charged on a week to week basis), or if goods are damaged during the contract or the extension period.

    PLEASE CALL 1300 387 647 to provide your credit card details

Please Click here to read our Conditions of Short Term Hire


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