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Tahli AccadBrisbane Client Relationship Manager

Describe your dream home

My dream home would be located somewhere by the water with oversized windows, an open plan layout, high racked ceilings and plenty of natural light flowing in. It would incorporate a mix of Hampton and contemporary styling along with crisp white tones and splashes of colour throughout to add depth and personality.

What’s your #1 tip for making a house a home?

Personality. A home needs to reflect who you are, what you enjoy and what you like to look at each and every day. Whether it be a favourite colour to enhance the mood, indoor plants to add vitality or personal photographs from a family vacation.

What path led you to Furnish and Finish?

I have always had a passion for design and creativity. Following school I studied Fashion Design and Technology and worked in this field for a while. I later studied Interior Design and Decoration and worked as a Senior Interior Property Stylist for a couple of years until coming to Furnish and Finish as Brisbane’s Client Relationship Manager. I have had much experience in this industry and very much enjoy working with my clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Where do you find inspiration?

I gather inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest and design magazines. I also find inspiration from colours, textures, patterns or even a piece of furniture.

David McLean
Operations Manager
Brooke Gatti
Customer Relationship Manager Sydney
Sarah Baldwin
Stylist Sydney
Belinda Walsh
Maddy Hyde
Stylist Sydney (Maddie has 2 photos in the file)
Lizzie Zavaglia
Stylist Sydney
Sarah Montelone
Front Desk Co-ordinator Sydney

Achieving outstanding results for our clients and agents for over 16 years.