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Remy RandallStylist

Describe your dream home

A cosy, minimalistic and neutrally-toned shack!

What’s your #1 tip for making a house a home?

Add accessories that tonally tie in with furniture pieces to soften and personalise each space.

What path led you to Furnish and Finish?

I was still studying interior design when a junior position popped up at Furnish and Finish. I couldn’t believe my luck. I am hoping to make my way up in the property styling industry and have a significant role in helping people achieve the best price for their property.

Where do you find inspiration?

I gather inspiration from Pinterest, various blogs and even just going for a walk through nature.

David McLean
Operations Manager
Brooke Gatti
Customer Relationship Manager Sydney
Sarah Baldwin
Stylist Sydney
Belinda Walsh
Maddy Hyde
Stylist Sydney (Maddie has 2 photos in the file)
Lizzie Zavaglia
Stylist Sydney
Sarah Montelone
Front Desk Co-ordinator Sydney

Achieving outstanding results for our clients and agents for over 16 years.